James A Mousalimas, County Superintendent of Schools

SJCOE Property Assignment Procedures

Items assigned to employees that include, but are not limited to, cell phones, computers, keys, mobile devices and security codes, need to be tracked. The following procedures outline this process.

The PROPERTY ASSIGNMENT APPROVAL FORM replaces the PROPERTY LOAN APPROVAL FORM for assignment of these items. When returning items, an employee should request a signed PROPERTY ASSIGNMENT RETURN FORM. Employees can retain this form as proof a previously assigned item has been returned.

A full description of the procedure along with the forms for use are accessible via the links below:

If you have already completed the old form for the same item you do NOT need to complete a new form. However, if you have any items in your possession that you have not completed a form for, you will need to complete the new PROPERTY ASSIGNMENT APPROVAL FORM for each of those items. All forms will be gathered and scanned into the SJCOE document management system (Laserfiche).

A Quick Reference Guide for logging into and using Laserfiche to access Property documents is avaliable via the link below:

Please email property@sjcoe.net with any questions you may have.